#axbt Hamburg, Germany 19 May 2022

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks is a designer and musician, these days working almost exclusively with clients as a typographic consultant, and releasing music as Other Form on various European techno labels. His love affair with type started with the magazine 8 Faces, which he founded in 2010, and which led to him becoming Creative Director of Adobe Typekit (now known as Adobe Fonts). After Adobe, he co-founded the lifestyle magazine Lagom with his wife, which was published until the end of 2019. In the last five years, Elliot has held Creative Director roles at Colonna Coffee, ClearScore, and Maido, and is currently creating something new for Google Fonts.


Part typographic masterclass and part career retrospective, Elliot takes us on a lighthearted journey through nearly two decades of client projects and side projects, covering the highs and lows of life as a jobbing freelance designer, as a Creative Director in big tech, and as the owner of an independent publishing business — all tied together by a deep love for typography, more than a little music, and a desire to share the secrets he’s learned with others. Exploring how notions of success — or rather, creative fulfilment — can be found outside the usual financial metrics, Elliot outlines the path that led him to his recent collaboration with Google to create Google Fonts Knowledge: an ambitious typographic resource for all.