#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 17 - 18 Apr 2023

SVG Animation

SVG animation is a brilliant way to bring personality and character to an online experience. But in an industry focused on metrics, these whimsical details are often overlooked or undervalued. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to craft delightful animations, which will help you deliver more engaging digital products.

This workshop is a hands-on deep dive into (pretty much) everything there is to know about SVG and web animation. You’ll have time to tinker around and experiment, you can work on your own graphics or use pre-prepped ones, and most importantly – no one’s left behind. There are notes and code snippets every step of the way and you’ll leave with a docs site full of notes, links and tips from Cassie.

Check out the amazing things past attendees made in this codepen collection.

Testimonials? In Case That’s Helpful

You covered ALL OF THE COOL THINGS. I'm seriously so excited to make a ton of cool stuff. It was all so helpful and inspiring and imo you can't put a price on inspiration!
— Joshua

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was really well paced, everything explained in detail and the docs are outstanding.
— Paul

Every once in a while someone asks me how they can get started with #SVG animation... If you're at all interested in getting into SVG animation, Cassie is a wonderful teacher to learn from, and her workshop is a fantastic place to start.
— Sara Soueidan

In This Workshop You’ll Learn To

  • use motion design principles to improve your animations
  • structure and optimise your SVG's for performance and accessibility.
  • unlock SVG’s superpowers — clipping, masking and filters.
  • animate SVG with CSS and JS
  • achieve effects like stroke animation and morphing with Greensock’s plugins.
  • use your new powers responsibly by respecting user preferences

Who This Workshop is For

SVG sits in the sweet spot between design and development. Whether you’re a designer or developer — if you’re comfortable with HTML, CSS and the fundamentals of JavaScript, this workshop is for you.

What You’ll Need

  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS and JS is ideal, but there will be code snippets for the adventurous 💜
  • Your own laptop computer with Google Chrome installed
  • A CodePen Account (free of charge, only required for the time of the workshop)
  • Your imagination, and a healthy sense of wonder

When and Where Is the Workshop Taking Place?

On Wednesday, April 19th, from 10am (10:00) to 5pm (17:00) at the NH Düsseldorf City, Kölner Str. 186-188, 40227 Düsseldorf.

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