#btconf Munich, Germany 15 - 17 Jan 2018

Mark Robbins

After working in many jobs as a chef, cameraman, gaffer, wine merchant then web developer Mark Robbins found himself working in the world of email, where he is trying to change the way we think about HTML email. They no longer have to be restricted to simple layouts of text and images, they can now be fully interactive experiences. Working with REBEL, he has worked on campaigns with a number of global brands and consulted with a number of well known email clients and ESP's.

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Interactive Email

Emails are something that web developers tend to dislike building. With 15,000 potential rendering on average for a single email they can be incredibly complicated and unpredictable, so coding for the lowest common denominator is common.place. However what happens what you build for the email clients with the most support rather than the least? In this talk we'll explore what advanced techniques can be used and which email clients they work in. Covering simple image galleries to advances functional shopping carts and 3D gaming, all useable directly in the inbox.