It is December. The year 2020 ends soon, but what does it mean? Some might just be happy that this shitty year is done and hope that the upcoming year brings better days. Other might see the jump from one to another year just as a change of a number on a continuous path we are on, so not much changes really, because we simply add +1 to the years. However you see it, maybe you want to take a look back at 2020 together with me and a couple of friends I invited tonight. Amongst them Brendan Dawes, Yuko Shimizu, Eva-Lotta Lamm, Aaron Draplin, Keir Whitaker and Rob Draper.

We will talk about how they, coming from different business, have dealt with Covid-19 and what this has brought them in 2020 and how they look to the future. Always – as you know me – with a positive twist and not to look back and grumble about what was …

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