“Black & White” with Yuko Shimizu and Greg Ruth

Another show, more amazing guests. Today Yuko Shimizu and Greg Ruth are going to join me. Incredible artists, both with their very own style and in business for a long time already. But how is it to earn money as an artist working with pen, pencils, bush and paper? What are the things next to your skills you need to focus on? Social media? Marketing? Join us for a show titled "Black & White", the underlaying colours for most of their work …

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About Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu is a multi-award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City, Shimizu is an instructor at The School of Visual Arts and has almost 20 years of experience illustrating. Her work includes multiple disciplines from Time and The New York Times editorial illustrations DC Comic covers (Sandman the Dream Hunters, The Unwritten, Batman), Criterion Collection DVD jackets (Godzilla box set), advertising for Apple, Google, Nike and Pepsi, and interactive exhibit collaboration with Artechouse. Additionally she has collaborated with the Smithsonian Museum and Library of Congress. Shimizu is a two-time Hugo Award nominee and was recently awarded the Caldecott Honor, one of the highest awards for picture books, for her work on the children’s book The Cat Man of Aleppo (Penguin, 2020).

About Greg Ruth

Greg Ruth

Greg Ruth is the NYTimes Bestselling Author of the Lost Boy, & INDEH (With Ethan Hawke), and has worked in comics and illustration since 1993. He has published through dozens of wide ranging publishers including Our Enduring Spirit (With Barack Obama) for Harper Collins, Red Kite, Blue Kite (with Ji Li Jiang) for Hyperion, Coming Home, A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade, and A Pirate’s Guide to Recess for Feiwel & Friends, Freaks of the Heartland (with Steve Niles) & Conan: Born on the Battlefield (with kurt Busiek) for Dark Horse. Greg has also created two music videos for Prince and Rob Thomas and is currently finishing his latest graphic novel, MEADOWLARK (with Ethan Hawke). Greg lives and works in Western Massachusetts.

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