“Email” with Mark Robbins and Rémi Parmentier

Welcome to yet another episode of Stay Curious. This time with two guests who have a very special topic. A topic that each of us deals with every day more than once, I bet. Email is todays subject. And my two guests know one or two things about emails … what is technically and from a designers point of view possible in an email. Would you guess that it is possible to play a 3D ego shooter in an email? No? Well, join in for this show and learn about the magic email can do from Mark Robbins and Rémi Parmentier.

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A Single Email

Looking at how a single email can purposefully render differently across email platforms, showing we’re not stuck in the 90’s anymore.

About Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins is a software engineer working at Salesforce, specializing in interactive email and accessibility in email. He has given talks about email development across Europe and the US and written many articles for both print and web.

Mark is very active in the email community, contributing to open source projects and working with others to define and share new techniques and new best practices for email code. And as a member of the AMP for Email working group, he is working closely with the email clients to shape new technology in email.

Experimental Email

Looking at how we can push email clients to their limits creating visual artworks and playable games.

About Rémi Parmentier

Rémi Parmentier

Rémi Parmentier (also known as HTeuMeuLeu) is a french email and web developer working at his own small web development agency, Tilt Studio, since 2008.

He cares about the Web, accessibility, and the quirkiness of HTML emails.

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