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beyond tellerrand is the affordable single-track event where creativity and technology meet. Taking place in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich with 500+ attendees each in a renowned, familiar and friendly atmosphere.

The last two years haven’t been years for live, or, in-person events. It was the first period since more than ten years, where I was not be able to run any beyond tellerrand show. Neither Berlin, nor Munich, nor Düsseldorf. Nevertheless I am full of hope and positive, that we will run events in 2022. We ran one event in 2021 and it has shown that events are possible, if we follow the rules and things needed to be careful and safe. Bellow you find the planned dates for 2022. If – for given reasons – an event is not being held during the planned time, all tickets remain valid until we are able to run the event. If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon!

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Why We Create Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Megan Davis and Chris Diego from Wacom. Megan runs the Wacom Experience Center in Portland and one day I got a message by my friends from Wacom Europe, here in Düsseldorf, who said that Megan and Chris would be interested in having me as their guest on a …

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#axbt – The One-Day #btconf together with Awork

Most of you know that running events is my passion. I truly love the excitement of inviting people to my shows. Speakers, attendees, partners … the mix of people is what makes an event interesting. But also the curation of topics and talks for the program of the event is something I really do like …

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