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Another job board? Really? … you might ask, if you hear, that we launched a job board. There is plenty of great sources to look for jobs already: Authentic Jobs (which recently got a huge and great re-design) by the wonderful Cameron Moll. Or the huge Smashing Jobs list. Also the Shoptalk Show by Chris and Dave has an own board, not to forget that Chris’s CSS Tricks site has one too. And if you are more of a designer, Dribbble by Dan runs a good resource to find a job as well. We have good running job boards in Germany either, like the one of the Page magazine, of t3n, Stellenanzeigen.de, or Das Auge. Some are really expensive, some have a good and fair pricing and some are even free. They all do a fantastic job for their target audience and seeing this amount, the question is …

Why another job board?

Over the last six years the amount of newsletter subscribers and visitors on the beyond tellerrand website has grown constantly. But also more and more people send emails and ask me if I’d know a company or agency who needs someone for the position of xyz or if I’d know an expert in bla to help the agency foo with their project. Partners, who support the beyond tellerrand events, are also asking, if they are able to find people to be hired and the reason for some of them even is to become a partner to find the right person for their job or project.

The interest in the job board onsite is always huge.

Therefore I started a physical job board two years ago which became a huge success at the events. I created stickers with pre-defined phrases like “I’m looking for …” or “We’re hiring …” and “I want to work as …”. I arranged these, sticking tape and pens on a table together with the board. People also got very creative on their own and the range of pinned job offers and searches ranged from simple sticky notes to graffiti-like drawings.

The board around lunch on day two.

Many people posted that they are on a hunt for a job or free to be hired for projects and a lot of companies and agencies pinned their offers to this board, also asking me, why they can’t post these jobs to the beyond tellerrand website, offer them to the steady growing newsletter list, and/or have a chance to get them tweeted to my audience. Therefore I sat down and had a look what already existed and tried to figure out how I could possible make this work out in the end, without the aim to create something new that has not been there before. So, yes, in some way it is just another job board

But not only: it brings value to the partners of my events as I am going to bundle this with partnership opportunities for beyond tellerrand. It is value for my newsletter, as job offers will be mentioned to the recipients. Furthermore it is obviously value for the visitors of the website, the readers of the newsletter and the attendees of the events – if they are looking for work. Last but not least I simply see this as an additional service that adds very well to the rest of the beyond tellerrand package.

So that was the idea for starting this job board. And? Looking for a job or have something to post on the job board? ;)

One more thing that I’d like to mention: at this point I – once more! – want to thank my good and dear friend Bastian Allgeier, without whom this job board, amongst a lot of other parts of this website, would not exist or would still be in the making. Such a lovely bloke, helping me a lot. Not only with working on this site, but also with simply being as he is: wonderful!

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