Thank you so much!

This morning at 10am (European Summer time) the tickets for beyond tellerrand in Berlin for 2016 went on sale. I set the alarm for 1am over here in San Francisco, where I am right now to not miss the start of sales. Sadly my alarm did not go off to wake me up. So I was not able to do this earlier, but I want to say THANK YOU so much! Thanks to everybody who got or tried to get a ticket. I am once more blessed, surprised, happy, and proud that you have so much trust in my little event for 6 years now and buy those early bird tickets within minutes every year. You can't even imagine how happy you make me with this and how wonderful this is for me.

I activated the standard ticket category an hour ago for beyond tellerrand in BERLIN and many tickets are gone here as well already. I am already looking forward to welcome you in Berlin. But first: Düsseldorf ;)

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