Wrap-Up and Coverage for Düsseldorf 2018

So to those who think it’s OK to watch the conferences on vimeo, I want you to know that you’re missing out on something essential. The staging is made for you to be immerged into the speech of the speaker. The atmosphere, the lights but most of all, the people that surround you, the complicit laughters of the audience make you realize that you’re not just a viewer, you’re part of it.

Hello dear traveller. Thanks for stopping by and reading this wrap-up post about the latest edition of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. By the time writing this, exactly one week passed since the last events around the eighth edition in Düsseldorf took place.

I start this blog post with this quote by Emily as I think she pretty much sums up, what the difference between watching a talk online on YouTube or Vimeo and being at an event is. And this is not meant only for my own event, but what I think in general: attend more events. Thanks for writing this, Emily!

The weather during the event was incredible sunny and nice. I am still dizzy because of all the impressions and reactions to my little event. Thanks a lot for all the positive energy and feedback! I can’t repeat this often enough, but this keeps me running the event actually. Not sure, if I would find the energy every time to organise and run beyond tellerrand without your warm and wonderful responses.

Photo showing the typical lamp of Düsseldorf’s event and attendees sitting in the audience
Photo by Andreas Dantz

Stats and Numbers

Now, at this point I usually give you a few numbers of the last btconf edition. I am missing the information concerning data usage over the wifi as well as the list of what has been drunken during the very sunny days. But of the 512 people in total, who have been at the event during the two days, those who answered a few questions (they were optional) during the registration said, that 289 are employed, where 213 are freelance or self-employed. 148 of the delegates said, they paid by themselves and 214 got the ticket paid by their employer. 58% of those who gave me their age said, they are between 31 and 45, 33% between 16 and 30 and the rest of 9% said, they are over 45 years old. All of these people tweeted 2098 times about the event, according to my ConfWall stats. More stats soon.

17 lovely volunteers from 5 different countries – many of them returning for a long time now – helped to run this event so super smoothly. Namely those were Amr, Anna, Arijit, Bartek, Gustav, Lisa, Marcin, Marvin, Patrick, Philip, Smilla, Stella, Sven, Theresa and Tina. My wife Tanja and Guido, my good long-time friend coordinated the team during these days. Wonderful to have such a reliable group of people in your back!

A mix of smaller photos showing the volunteers at their work.
The volunteers at work. Creating the base for what is needed to run this event together with Tanja and Guido. Photos: Florian Ziegler.

Side Events before and after

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th, we already met for another IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf. Joschi organised this IWC and it once more was hosted by our friends at sipgate.

People attending and working during the IndieWebCamp
IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf – photo by Joschi Kuphal

The Warm-Up was hosted by InVision for the first time – thank you!. Next to hosting the Warm-Up and providing food and drinks, they also hosted four 20-minute presentations (videos below) by Amber Wilson, Eric Eggert, Rob Bateman and Rowdy Rabouw. Thanks for your time and effort to create the talks and present at the Warm-Up.

We furthermore had three Lunch-Time and Evening-Break Sessions during the conference days. sipgate, Microsoft and Shopify gave talks during lunch- and evening-breaks. They not only provided valuable content, but also food and drinks during the breaks. Thanks to Corinna, Liam and Lars for their talks!

Schepp organised his WWNRW meetup at the closing evening of beyond tellerrand’s conference days. Two talks entertained a huge group of people and it was a good closing for those who were hungry for more.

Joschi organised – next to the IWC, mentioned above – a full-day workshop about Data protection on the web. We have a couple of days to get ready until the lawyers make their money with those who are not prepared, but this workshop helped getting ready.

Last but not least we had a really cool BBQ closing down the Düsseldorf edition of 2018. I was planning to also attend, but the day made me so tired, that I was happy to be at home with my family after the workshops. Huge thanks though to pixolith for organising and hosting a BBQ to cool down from engaging, inspiring, yet exhausting days!


So far I got these sets of photos for Düsseldorf. If you made any and they are not listed here, please let me know!

  • Florian Ziegler was part of the beyond tellerrand family for the first time and did a great job of taking an exceptional set of black and white photos during the days.
  • Our good friend, I think he was at every btconf, named Andreas Dantz also brought his camera once again and took this set of photos, giving a good impression of what was going on.
  • Stefan Nitzsche sent me 170 photos he has chosen of a larger set he sent me before. A good summary of what happened on stage.
  • Even thought Chris Heilmann never seems to learn, that tellerrand is written with two “r”, I am always happy, when he is on board as one of my friends. In Düsseldorf he did not speak this time, but attended, MC’d the Warm-Up and too this set of photos
  • Joschi organised another IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf. A big part of Düsseldorf’s Side Events since a couple of year. Now he released his lovely set of photos to give you the opportunity to get an idea about the atmosphere and setup.
  • Ben Fredericson has made some lovely pictures at this year’s Düsseldorf edition. Thanks for catching the atmosphere so nicely.

For me Photos are always important. They help bringing back memories and moments, when people interact, when they laugh and have fun, when they exchange. If you took any photos, please let me know and I will happily add them.

Blog Posts & more

Attendees sitting outside during the event break
We were lucky with the weather once more. Photo by Andreas Dantz.

If people attending my event write something it always means so much to me. Honestly. Not only do they make the effort and take the time to summarise what they experienced and think about it, but it also means, they spread the word about the event and gives other people the opportunity to hear about it. Huge thanks to all below who have written something about beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf:

  • Calum Ryan attended beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf for the second time. He recaps which talks he liked most, but – for me more importantly – sets his focus in the blog post on the interaction with old and new friends and how important and much fun it is during the days.
  • Florenz Heldermann has written a German wrap-up of his experiences at beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. He has been in Düsseldorf seven times already, as he says and underlines, that he is coming because of the lovely atmosphere and the people. He also says, that he approaches attending btconf as a festival, where does not even look at the line-up really anymore, but trusts the organiser of the event. Furthermore he notes, that he is coming because of the many talks actually not dealing with Web content, but showing him new things and inspiring him. Thanks a lot, Florenz for the write-up and, of course, you should also come to Berlin ;)

Videos & Transcriptions

We have got a Vimeo and a YouTube channel to host all our talks. Depending on what you like more, you can use the one or other. If you want a comprehensive link with not just the videos, bit also slides and transcription, then check the Düsseldorf 2018 archive. But here is everything detail also:

Everything that is missing above, like video links or transcriptions, will be added as soon as available.

Next to the videos above from the main event in Düsseldorf, we also recorded the videos of the Warm-Up talks at InVision. These are:

Thanks to all four for their presentations during the Warm-Up on May 5th.

T-Shirts & Event-Theme

The attendee t-shirt for DUS2018, designed by Vic Lee

I am delighted, that I got Vic Lee, also one of the speakers of this event, to design the t-shirts. He designed a very decorative and lovely ampersand especially for the event. I also used this and also the mug design (see below) on all media for the event to create the look and feel for Düsseldorf 2018 match Vic’s design.

Vic also deisgned the coffee mugs for Düsseldorf

As the original t-shirt design would have looked very small on the mug, Vic adapted the ampersand and created a second design for the mug, that fits the whole print area on the mug.

Huge thanks for creating these, dear Vic!

Two photos showing Holger Lamers during his live silk screen printing at beyond tellerrand
Holger – not only printing live in Düsseldorf, but my event t-shirts for years now! Photos by Florian Ziegler and Andreas Dantz.

Opening Titles

When I was planning the event in the beginning, Diana Eglseder contacted me and asked, if she could do the opening titles for an event again. A while back, she was involved in opening titles for my Flashforum Event and she wanted to get into the boat again. She did a wonderful job with her opening clip for Düsseldorf and used a ix of various techniques for it. I like if the opening titles create a positive vibe, making everybody in the room look forward to the next two days. Very well done – thanks!

Music & Audio

Audio Sketchnotes – this is how Tobi Lessnow calls his project that is belonging to beyond tellerrand as the hair on my head belongs to me. The attendees call him a DJ, but I think he is doing way more. He is part of what creates the vibe and atmosphere at btconf. I hope he publishes the theme song for the event, which I will then publish here, of course. I am happy to have you being part of my little show, Tobi – thank you!

That’s all I have for now. But I am sure, I will add more during the next couple of days. Therefore please feel free to send me links to what you find or what you have written or created about and since beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf.

I started writing this post on the 16th, a week after beyond tellerrand. Right now, we have the 23rd and I used this time to gather all the information and coverage. iA Writer shows me a reading time of about 13 minutes for this post, but it is not really meant to be read in one go. It is an archive of what happened in Düsseldorf and what made me – and hopefully many of you – happy. Thank you for a wonderful time in Düsseldorf with a lot of memorable experiences and conversations. I hope to see you soon again.

The next stop of the beyond tellerrand circus is Berlin. Feel free to join us for some exciting days!

Photo showing me on stage with my daughter during the closing remarks.
See you in Berlin! Photo by Florian Ziegler.

Update 23 May 2018: added a blog post by Calum Ryan

Update 04 June 2018: added a blog post bei Florenz Heldermann

Update 18 June 2018: added photos by Joschi Kuphal

Update 19 June 2018: added transcriptions for all talks

Update 28 August 2018: added photos by Ben Fredericson

Update 20 August 2018: transcription for dina Amin’s talk added

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