Corona Update: Future Events

Even though there are still have no plans which I can 100% confirm, I have at least news for all 2020 events and how it probably would look like in terms of running events.

I – with a heavy heart – made the decision to postpone Berlin and Munich to 2021. Even if it looks like I could run those events end of August and November, I don’t think it makes any sense. Things are simply too uncertain. Too many open questions like, if I will be able to welcome international guests and speakers due to travel restrictions? Is the health and safety concept of the venues good enough? and so on. Next to the fact that I still run all those events as a single person, which is simply too stressful under those circumstances (if not before already 😁). I am really, really sad though and you know this.

About half of the tickets for Berlin were already sold, when Corona hit us. All these tickets stay valid for 2021 and I will transfer all of them to the new date and email each attendee. If you can’t make it at those dates, you can use your ticket for any other future show, pass it on to someone else and if this also does not work, you and I will find a solution. The date for the postponed Berlin show in 2021 is 1–4 September 2021. I would have loved to stay in August, but available dates were limited and also many areas in Germany are still on holidays during August. Sales of left tickets will start as soon as I am sure about the situation.

I did not start selling any tickets for Munich, but I will, as soon as I have really confirmed dates. Most likely Munich is taking place in October 2021. I would have loved to run it in November, but the dates I have secured were the only dates that were still available in the venue and that won’t overlap with the Oktoberfest.

I am still confident the the nearly sold out show in Düsseldorf, which originally should have happened in April, will take place in November. Most likely it is 9–11 November and I am currently speaking to the speakers who were confirmed, if they want and if they are able to come. Otherwise I promise to find equally interesting and inspiring minds for you and we invite anyone who is not able to come back to another beyond tellerrand. All tickets for Düsseldorf are – of course – still valid. I am going to write each attendee and if anyone can’t make it, we find a way to make you happy.

Sorry that all this is still a bit vague, but so is the situation. Not 100% predictable and uncertain, but I am so much looking forward to meet anyone of you again – with all eyes on safety and health first, of course!

If you have questions, please get in touch with me via email or on Slack.

Take care, stay safe and stay curious!