Schedule for Düsseldorf Ready and Streaming Passes Available

I always like creating the schedule. And even though a few people might think that I am always a bit late with creating it I somehow need the atmosphere of an event coming up soon. I have spoken to all speakers more than once usually, I know how they are and speak and I take my time to create the schedule in a certain way.

So, yesterday evening I spent a couple of hours last night with music and a drink and created the schedule for Düsseldorf. I moved talks around, had a thought about how people speak – if fast or slow, energised or more calm etc – and came to a result I liked. I answered some emails, got back to the schedule to have another look and went to bed around 1:30am. I had a good sleep and had a fresh look at the schedule again in the morning. I still liked it and published it.

Next to this, we once more offer Streaming Passes for this event. Yes, you’ll miss out all the in-person activities, but you’ll at least be able to watch all talks and maybe have a chat online. We are using Vito again, which we also use for our Stay Curious online events. If you register for a Streaming Pass, you’ll get all details how to log in etc. close to the event. So, if you can’t make it for any reason, I hope you can follow along online.