Stories on the Road – Free Community Events by Storyblok

Next week I am happy to be back on the road. Once more beyond tellerrand is supporting one of their long-time partners with running a roadshow with multiple stops. What started in conversations early in 2022 finally comes to a – late announced – kick off in the UK with stops at Brighton and Leeds.

The idea is simple: Storyblok and I are gathering 3 to 4 local speakers from of the web community, Storyblok pays for snacks and drinks and we are going to have a great evening together with good presentations, networking and more. Best part for you: it is free to attend. All covered by Storyblok. Do they want to advertise they headless CMS? Sure! But they don’t need in your face advertisement events for this, talking about what Storyblok is. The Web and the people working on it are the focus.

We titled all this “Stories on the Road” and am using the first two stops to kick off a series of events around Europe (actually the world) that are for you …

Brighton – 27 February

Already on Monday next week we are going to meet for our very first meetup-like event. People speaking are Jeremy Keith, Cassie Evans, Arisa Fukuzaki and Phil Hawksworth.

All information as well as the free registration for Brighton here!

Leeds – 1 March

Wednesday next week we are entering Leeds as the second stop. Thanks to Parallax we also found a hosting partner in Leeds, who is offering their office space to meet and mingle (if you are interested in one of the next stops, let us know!).

We have our core speakers travelling with us, who are Arisa Fukuzaki and Phil Hawksworth. This time the evening is completed with Harry Roberts and James Hall

All information as well as the free registration for Leeds here!

Both events kick off around 5pm local time and run until about 10pm. If you register, you gonna get a last email with details on the day of the event.

We are looking forward to seeing you there – oh, and be quick. Not many seats left!