Three scholarship tickets for Düsseldorf 2017

Even though beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf is sold out since already, you can still be part of it. Of course, we have got a waiting list and a couple of tickets usually are not used, which we then give to the waiting list people by randomly choosing a name. You can also be part as one of the wonderful volunteers and usually we are enough people in the team, that you are able to watch all the talks you want to watch (happy to give you more information via email, if you want to). But – and this is where I finally get to the point – you can also apply for one of six scholarship tickets, where we give away another three.

How do I apply for a scholarship ticket?

Of course those tickets are reserved for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to join us. Write a bit about you and your background, so that we understand, why you should get the ticket. Who are you and what are you doing? Is this scholarship ticket something that you want/need and what do you think you’ll get out of the event when attending?

Take a few seconds of your time, answer these questions and we’ll get in touch. The form to apply is open until Friday, April 7th.