Podcast with Keir Whitaker

Yesterday I recorded a new episode of my show TWUMBLE. Usually it is a German podcast in which I have conversations with people about their creative life (where creative could mean all kind of things of course!) The last episode with John Davey and the latest one with Keir Whitaker are exceptions as we were speaking English, which I actually planned to do at some time over here as a beyond tellerrand show.

The reason for mentioning this episode here is, that Keir an I spoke a lot about events and how sponsorships – which I prefer to call partnerships, as you know – works. From both perspectives, the event organiser as well as the partner. What does someone expect from you, when they give you money. What do you, as and event organiser, expect and how do you treat partners.

Apart from this, we had a very nice chat about the life, especially with a family, with the jobs we have. I enjoyed it very much and actually think about really starting an English show as well. What do you think? Enough shows already? Or should I just go for it? ;)

Listen to episode 8 of TWUMBLE

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