Workshops 2016 in Berlin

Next to the two days with talks we always offer a few very interesting and great workshops. The aim, when selecting topics and trainers for the workshops, always is to have a great mix of topics with some of the best people teaching.

For beyond tellerrand in Berlin this year, we have 5 workshops where I personally would love to attend in every workshop at the same time. Here is what we have cooked for you:

“Research Together” with Erika Hall

I am really happy that I finally got Erika Hall to be part of the beyond tellerrand family. Next to her talk she presents a workshop called Research Together. Erika will take you from initial question formation through analysis to reporting and sharing findings through a combination of hands-on exercises, discussion, and a small amount of lecture for framing and instruction. So whether you are a freelancer working in teams or on a product team: this is for you! But actually it is really for anyone who wants to learn to make better decisions faster.

Letterpress Printing

This is a very special workshop we organise every year since beyond tellerrand is in Berlin. Using the workspace p98a, that was founded by Erik Spiekermann and Jan Gassel, you’ll learn everything about letterpress printing. After a short journey into history of printing, you’ll get your hands dirty and work on the wonderful printing machines. I had such a great time working there and as you only work in small groups, you can be sure to get time to print some great stuff. It is always a mystery, if Erik will be there, but if he is that is a nice thing on top.

“CSS Architecture for Large-Scale UIs” with Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts is part of beyond tellerrand for the second time (but for the first time in Berlin). When he first spoke in 2013 in Düsseldorf, it was only his second presentation, if i remember correctly. Now he is back after speaking on many stages and has a workshop called CSS Architecture for Large-Scale UIs in his bag. The title says it all, so join Harry and level up your CSS!

“Building Performant Websites” with Tim Kadlec

Performance is an absolute trending topic when it comes to what web developers speak about nowadays. But who doesn’t want to build better performing sites? And as long as you're at least familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, you'll get a lot our of this workshop by Tim Kadlec called Building Performant Websites. Tim, whois part of beyond tellerrand for the second time, shows how to integrate performance budgeting and testing into your development process, how to identify performance bottlenecks in your sites and applications and much much more …

“Presenting Work Like Your Life Depends On It” with Mike Monteiro

At Mike Moteiro’s first appearance on the beyond tellerrand stages, he also not only brings his talk, but a workshop with the title Presenting Work Like Your Life Depends On It. It is for designers, developers, engineers, content strategists, or whatever name you are coming up with for yourself. If you have to convince someone from something – and this is true whether you’re working in an agency, a studio, inside an organisation, or for yourself – then this workshop is for you. As Mike says: Everyone has clients, even if you call them “boss”.


Tickets for the conference are nearly sold out. But also most of the workshops only have a few seats left. So don’t wait too long to decide, if you want to attend a workshop, as it might be sold out by then, and get your workshop ticket now.

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