Schedule for Berlin 2022

For me a schedule of an event is really important and I put quite some work into it and yesterday, when I brought my youngest daughter to bed – read a story for her, sind good night songs – and was back at the desk, I got myself a nice gin and tonic and sat down to work on the schedule. I moved topics around, tried to imagine the pace and way of how a speaker would speak, moved things around again and finally arrived at something that I liked around midnight.

I went away watched something on YouTube, got back to what I had as a draft for the Berlin 2022 Schedule schedule and had a second look. Still liked it. I went to bed, woke up, had breakfast, a lovely coffee and had a final look today. I still like it, got the OK from Alexandra, that she is going to open the show and from Janis, that he is going to close and here we go.

I am really looking forward to all this and to kick things off after 3-years of not being able to run this event in Berlin. I am kind of sad, that we still have tickets left since this is the first time ever in Berlin that we won't sell out. I am not sad because I want to make more money – even if I need to these days. I am sad that people will miss an opportunity to join us for this fantastic line-up and a hopefully great experience. But for those who have a ticket and are coming: we'll have a great time and I – and the team and speakers – will do my very best to make you feel welcome and have enjoyable and fantastic two days at beyond tellerrand.

👉 Here is the schedule for #btconf Berlin 2022