Why We Create Podcast

A picture showing me, Marc Thiele and some assets like lines and dots next to Why We Create, which is the titles of the podcast

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Megan Davis and Chris Diego from Wacom. Megan runs the Wacom Experience Center in Portland and one day I got a message by my friends from Wacom Europe, here in Düsseldorf, who said that Megan and Chris would be interested in having me as their guest on a podcast titled “Why We Create” to chat about why I do, what I do. And people who know me, that I love doing what I do and I love to speak about this 😂

So I was all in and the best part is, that we haven’t met online. Megan and Chris were in Düsseldorf and at the Wacom Experience Center Düsseldorf and it was great meeting them and recording this podcast face to face. I mean in person. I mean, with touching each other and so on … and having coffee and all the things we (well, at least I) missed so much during the last years.

It was a great pleasure and fun to be a guest in their podcast and I hope I don’t sound to confusing and weird. Thanks so much to Megan and Chris for making this so easy and welcoming and thanks to Silke and Alex from Wacom for the connecting and hosting us in Düsseldorf. A good day!

Now go, and listen to this podcast! ;)

Why we Create is a podcast brought to you by the team at the Wacom Experience in Portland, Oregon. In this podcast we'll be exploring the behind-the-scenes stories from artists, inventors and the daringly creative. Join us on this conversational adventure while we share stories with artists and creators from every corner of the world.