#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Janis McDavid

As a speaker, he lights a spark wherever he goes, where dictated ways of thinking have sketched out the path of life for years. The life-changing question he is trying to answer with people from all around the world is:

How do we live our best life?

Born with no arms or legs, Janis McDavid reveals some very personal insights on why courage, curiosity and a grain of craziness are more important to realise your dreams than any external factors.

His vision is: I want to live in a world where features that distinguish us do not lead to a distinction.

Make the Impossible Possible

Janis is going to give you an idea of the power we unleash when we follow our curiosity and skill. In a self-effective manner, we create a special form of strength from our convictions. Experiences of success are the gift of one’s own power to act.

Surely the first step is one we take into the unknown. Don’t think too long, just go! But how do we find the courage to take the first step? How do we gain the certainty needed to make the next step then? Janis McDavid asks the right questions and dismisses us ensured of one thing: courage always wins.