Wrap-Up and Coverage for Düsseldorf 2022

After having re-started events in November 2021, we wanted to be back on schedule with the events, where Düsseldorf usually happens in Spring and Berlin in Autumn. Therefore we were back in Düsseldorf just 6 months after the last one took place. Now, a little late since I have so much to do to get beyond tellerrand back on track, I sit down to write the wrap-up post for Düsseldorf 2022.

One things I can say already, as I now organised and helped running a couple of events after the pandemic (well, is it already over?): the people committing to come and attend fully embrace the in-person experience at such events. They love the networking aspect of such events, to exchange after what they have seen in the presentations, to learn and get inspired from each other and their stories and last but not least to make new friends.

In the following you’ll find blog post by people who were part of beyond tellerrand 2022 in Düsseldorf as well as links to videos and transcriptions and other coverage and information. As this is a living document, I will add things I find at a later point and make a little note about when I added new things on the bottom.

Blog Posts & Other Coverage

First of all, I want to say thank you to everybody who sat down and made the effort to write something about beyond tellerrand afterwards. I know how it is, if you come back home after an event and you planned to write something, but you are exhausted and think you will do this later, which often does not happen. The further away an event is, the less motivation you have to share the experience you had with other in a written article that takes time and effort. This really means so much to me. Also, because this is more worth than any paid ad can ever be!

  • Ingo, who attended quite a few beyond tellerrand events already, has written a nice blog post again. I think he has been the first one who was done with it once more. He says “As its [edit: beyond tellerrand’s] motto, a deliberately “Denglisch” translation of “thinking outside the box”, it’s a place to get inspired by meeting open-minded people.” and I like that he says this, as it always has been and still is my aim to create an event, where this is the case.

  • This one by Christian Huber summarises each talk, plus Warm-Up, plus Lunch-Break Session. It is a lovely written and very complete write-up of what happened in Düsseldorf in May. Thanks also for your very kind words about my event and how it feels for you. Read Christian’s summary here

  • It has been the first beyond tellerrand for Jochen. In his blog post he describes the experience as ”[…]more comfy and stylish[…]” than another event he attended shortly before #btconf. One bit I really like is, that he mentions the live streaming as being helpful for him even though he was attending the event, as her partly was parenting during the event and was able to follow the talks anyways. Thanks for sharing, Jochen!

  • The people attending from Werkraum have written a short, German summary and write about their excitement, when they noticed, that beyond tellerrand is taking place again. They also say thanks for the unique experience delivered by it and I simply can give this back: thank you for being part of it and making it what it is with that.

  • The lovely Miloon has once more written a very complete, wonderful and personal write-up of her experience and the talks she has attended. She always is too kind and has lovely words about me and what I do, but always too shy to take me aside and have a chat onsite. In this post she writes:

I mentioned a lot a certain Marc like I assume you know who he is. And you should. Marc is the man who organizes, who sets up, who invites, who makes sure everything is perfect for everyone before, during and after the event. He’s like a guardian angel really. I could write for hours about him.

I’m always too shy to tell him directly, IRL, that I’m so grateful for what is doing so at least, I’m telling him by mail, via social media or in my blog post. And Marc, truly, I am. It’s not just the talks and the speakers you schedule that changed my life (and the life of Leeloo also… I mentioned it in my previous blog post about the 2021 edition of Beyond Tellerrand), it’s literally everything you do. So again, thank you very much for what you are doing.

  • Wow. I leave it like this, since I am speechless and blushing.

Sketchnotes by Eva-Lotta

My friend Eva-Lotta Lamm has, once more, being part of the event. This time not as a speaker or a guest, but taking notes for/with Wacom who invited her to summarise the talks in a lovely sketch.

It is great to have Eva-Lotta around anyways, and even better when she speaks or brings her tools to visualise the event in a compressed, but wonderful way.

T-Shirts, Event-Theme and Assets

Each and every time I have someone designing a t-shirt and often this design is being adapted to be used on other assets for the show. I also have artists returning to design another event’s t-shirt.

This time I asked someone who’s typeface I use for a long time already and it is even part of the “logo” of beyond tellerrand. His name is Mark Caneso and next to using his typefaces, I am following his lettering work for quite a while. But until you work with someone you never know how the energy between you and the other person is. You also never know if the person you ask you do something gets the idea of the event, the spirit, the feeling … hard to describe. But Mark hit the nail on my head with the first pencil sketch directly. Color scheme, look and feel as well the mood and atmosphere that is transported with the design includes a lot of what I try to create at the event.

As you can see I instantly created multiple assets and I think Mark did a fantastic job here – thank you Mark!

Opening Titles

For the second time Diana Eglseder created the opening titles after 2018. Back then she already created something different to what you would expect. Thoughtful, beautiful, with a theme for every speaker. This time, once more, she created something that surprised me.

Screenshot of this year’s opening titles showing a mix of liquids that look like space with stars – letters state beyond tellerrand 2022
For the second time Diana Eglseder created the titles, no stock, all filmed – audio by Chiara Strickland

Diana spend quite some time to film so many different liquids mixing and blending into each other. Bubbles appear. Foam is on top. Some people wondered if that is stock, but no: all filmed with a lot of work. She then picked a scene for each of the speaker and I had the chance to use those as base for movie posters I created for every single speaker. All this really got the mood and atmosphere needed with the sound that was created specifically for the titles by Chiara Strickland.

And now turn up the volume, darken your room and take 2 minutes of your time to watch the opening titles for Düsseldorf 2022 …

Once more THANKS to Diana and Chiara.

Audio Design

A photo with Tobi aka Baldower while playing live music
Energised Tobi Lessnow aka Baldower. Foto by Florian Ziegler.

Tobi Lessnow joined the beyond tellerrand circus 2013, when he had the idea of creating Audio Skechnotes for the event. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but liked the description of it. Ever since Tobi not only is part of the show, playing live music in every break (I won’t spoil too much here), but he also creates a theme song for each event. As soon as he releases the song for this event, I will link to it.

In 2021 Tobi released a full album as an homage to beyond tellerrand. You know, it always is a bit tricky, to be honest, with all the stuff about the events after the events. At the events people are energised, they feel and love the vibe. And even shortly after an event, they are on a high. But as time goes by, the energy curve flattens and people forget. All the work Tobi puts into his music is great for the events and people ask him to release his songs. And he did. Sad things to say, that only a handful of people really ever bought his songs afterwards. And event the freely released songs people asked for to be released specifically, where Tobi thought about the conversations they had, made the effort and spent hours to produce the song … no one really cares afterwards. Or at least, really only a few people care. The more I like the fact, that Tobi spent the time to produce a complete album of beyond tellerrand songs.

So the songs and the lyrics are a direct reflection on the beautiful community that gathers at these special events. This is a collection of all the songs so far.

Cover of the album “Back in Town” by Baldower. You see the artist name “Baldower” on top and the album name “Back in Town” in red at the bottom. Both written over a city scene with traffic lights and buildings.

Get the album!

Thanks Tobi

Live Captioning

Once more Andrew Howell, sitting in Scotland, did an the amazing job of live captioning all talks.

A direct audio connection sent the audio of all talks to him and he live captioned every word or the event that was spoken on stage.

Thank you, Andrew!


Norman Posselt and Florian Ziegler are kind of an institution at beyond tellerrand now. Since a couple of years Norman takes the speakers off the stage and captures a portrait of them and Florian catches the mood in his black and white photography so wonderfully. This is what they did this year:

Have you also shot some photos during the event? Please let me know!

If you search for btconf on Instagram you also find a lot of photos. Sadly I am too stupid to sort them chronological (is there a way?).

It is massively important to have photos of various people at the event. They not only help to bring back memories, but also show the different view on the event, that each photographer has. I love seeing people interact, laugh, have fun, and exchange. **If you are interested in taking photos of an event, please get in touch – a free ticket is waiting for you … ;)

Videos & Transcriptions

We have got a YouTube and a Vimeo channel to host all the videos of the talks given at beyond tellerrand. Depending on what you like more, you can use the one or other. If you want a comprehensive link with not just the videos, bit also slides and transcription, then check the Düsseldorf 2022 archive. But here is everything detail also:

If anything above is missing that I am allowed to publish, like videos or transcriptions, please let me know.

We also had many wonderful – and a lot of new – partners! And without those this all would not be possible. Thanks so much!

Also thanks to all of you out there for coming back to my events and telling other people about it, when you liked it. See you at the next show!