Tito and beyond tellerrand


Earlier this year my long time partner Tito, where I sell my beyond tellerrand tickets with, asked me, if I’d be interested in joining for a series of interviews and stories about Tito customers. Of course I was happy and honoured to be part of this series of stories.

I use Tito for a long time now – which I mentioned in my last post about Hard- and Software I use as well – and I am really happy with their platform and their service. But not only this: they drive their business with the same passion as I run my events with and that is something you can feel, if you chat with them and suggest new features etc. And this, in my opinion, is something very valuable.

I am happy that I started to use Tito and to see that many other events, who I have seen using other solutions, now using Tito as well. At this point I say thanks a lot for your help, Paul and Doc and the rest of the Tito team.

I hope you enjoy reading the story that Aoife Reaper-Reynold has written from our interview.


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