Useful Links for People Who Want to Start Public Speaking

Photo showing me, Marc Thiele, speaking at Webworker Ruhr Meetup
Photo by Florian Ziegler
I am organising events for about 20 years now and nearly 10 years of it I am only working on/for/with beyond tellerrand solely and am not working on anything else next to the event.

From time to time I get asked to come and speak at events, about what I do and how I got into doing it. I am quite lucky and fortunate that it is like this and I mostly enjoy giving a talk about what I love to do as my “day to day job”. I also often get asked for advice on how to start speaking and what – from my point as an event organiser – is expected from someone who sends a proposal. I am also happy to share my views and opinion on these subjects.

For some time I was planning to write a blog post about public speaking now and I never found the time sadly yet. So, I decided to already share the many links with useful content, I collected for writing and linking to in the blog post. I hope you will find the many fantastic tips and articles use- and helpful already.

Photo by Florian Ziegler