Wrap-Up and Coverage for Berlin 2017

Wow … if you could see me sitting in my Studio in Krefeld, you’d think ”Why does he have this smile in his face all the time?”. It is because the lovely messages and emails of those who attended beyond tellerrand in Berlin last week still keep dropping in. And every single one makes me happy – thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. But also for the lovely and very constructive suggestions some of you had. Great to see so much involvement of you.

It was the fourth time we were meeting in Berlin for btconf last week and I myself, as said on stage when saying good bye also, had a lot of fun and enjoyed it a lot.

This post, as usual, is the post, where I am going to collect everything related to the fourth edition of beyond tellerrand in Berlin, that I find or that is going to be sent to me. So it is one source to find all videos, slides, notes, and so forth. If you have written a blog post, made notes or sketchnotes, took photos or anything like this, please let me know and I am happy to add this to this post directly. This is also meant to be a living document – I am going to update this post as long as I find or get new material. Keep an eye on the post it an come back from time to time.

Room shot from the back with 500 people in the audience – photo by Andreas Dantz

beyond tellerrand in Numbers

Let’s have a look at a few numbers. When running an event like this, I am happy that Remy’s Confwall is something I can rely on. Confwall is a long time partner and I can highly recommend having a look at it, if you are running events. 2081 tweets have been archived between 15th to 17th mentioning beyond tellerrand, beyondtellerrand or btconf.

We had 196 litres of filter coffee, plus the coffee you drank at the Electric Espresso booth hosted by Accenture. We emptied 82 litres of soft drinks and 196,5 litres of water. I created 3000 compostable mugs of which we used 2400+, for those, who lost or left at home their Hoefler & Co Coffee mugs. In total we were happy about 633 bottles of beer over these days, where Slack paid the Tuesday evening drinks for us – thanks once more. Furthermore you ate 150 pretzels during the Shopify Lunch-Time Session plus 150 wraps in the Mozilla Lunch-Time Session, but you did not manage to empty the chocolate fountain on Tuesday evening that Slack treated us with (Thanks!). I think we have to do better there next time.

The team of Berlin 2017! A few people already missing. Photo by Patrick Westerhoff

20 fantastic volunteers from 4 countries did a great job and managed the whole business around beyond tellerrand. They managed the registration, sold t-shirts, had an eye on everything in the background – ace! Namely those 20 angels have been: Alex, Andreas, Andreas, Bartek, Celine, Dustin, Eric, Ewa, Guido, Gustav, Hong, Jana, Lisa, Önder, Patrick, Sven, Tanja, Theresa, Tina, and Trang. Guido is leading the team since the beginning together with my wife Tanja. So good to have them! Also: Sven and Eric did all the on-stage tech this year. They mic’d up the speakers, checked their tech etc. Perfect! Also, like always, Steffen, did a great job with the a/v and light. Thanks!

People travelled from 21 countries to Berlin to attend beyond tellerrand. These countries were: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Republic of Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States – I hope everybody got back home safely.

Luc and Jan of Wifi Jack were once more watching perfectly over the btconf wifi

Luc and Jan from Wifi Jack (aka etherTec) took perfect care of the wifi once more. In total we created 160 GB traffic during the two days with over 590 different clients. About 8 GB were used for Twitter alone already. In total 10,5 % of the total traffic was used for social networks. I myself really wonder were 21,6 GB for apple.com and 12,8 GB for iCloud came from. People snapped 130 MB. And even Netflix was used – I hope the one using it was not too bored at the event ;)

Side Events Before and After

On Saturday and Sunday Joschi Kuphal and Stefan Judis ran the IndieWebCamp Berlin once more and it was a huge success. Furthermore they also organised another Accessibility Club in Berlin, where Heydon Pickering, Laura Kalbag and Detlev Fischer were speaking. The a11y Club was sold out.

I furthermore want to thank Malte Lantin and Kyle Pflug and Microsoft for their great support and hosting the Pre-Conference Warm-Up again. Thanks a lot!

And I don’t want to forget to thank Keir Whitaker and Shopify, Sandra Persing and Ali Spivak and Mozilla and Paige Paquette and Slack (plus those who spoke!) for their additional excellent content during the Break-Sessions.


I have seen a few people walking around with cameras. Sadly I only know of four, where I get photos from. If you are one, who took photos, let me know where to find them or send them to me and I am happy to upload them to my Flickr account. Here is what I already got:

Blog Posts & more

Blog posts by attendees, partners and speakers are so important for an event like beyond tellerrand. Not only does it provide valuable feedback, but it is a great way of spreading the word about my event. This in the end helps to keep an event alive, if the event organiser has no huge budget for marketing and/or advertisement. So thanks so much to everybody who makes the effort, sits down to write about the event and publishes this. Following you find everything I collected and got notice of so far.

This is a recording of Nadine’s process of doing the sketchnotes.

A friend, yet to attend one of these himself, recently asked me what is the secret that makes everybody rave about this conference. And even after some contemplation, I frankly have difficulties to figure out the exact formula. But maybe that is a good thing, it’s Marc’s “magic sauce” after all.

Blog post dropping in now, but as said earlier: whenever I get notice of a new blog post, I will list it right here.

Videos & Transcriptions

The pages for each event automatically turn into an archive with all videos and coverage I have and get. as soon as the event is over. Same for beyond tellerrand 2017 in Berlin. Next to the Vimeo links and links to slides (if provided) and songs of Baldower (if produced), you find transcriptions to all published talks. Since 2017 also all YouTube videos are published at this position as well.

All talks I was allowed to publish were online on Vimeo on the same day they were held. Thanks to Brian Lotte for this! Meanwhile all videos are also available on YouTube and will be transcribed as well within the next days. Tina Pham is working on it! Here is what’s online so far. The link on talk titles leading to the beyond tellerrand archive with all coverage links as well.

These days most of the speakers tell me, that their slides without the talk often don’t make real sense to be published. I agree with this, but of course as far as slides are provided, I am going to list them on the archive pages as well. But also remember, that all slides are included in the video of the talk using a split screen technology as well. Makes a lot of sense in my opinion anyways.

Furthermore a few other snippets have made the way to me:

Many more short clips of Tobi and beyond tellerrand in Berlin have been made. Check them here for example

Alex Cio was part of this year’s lovely volunteer team. But he also recorded a view videos from beyond tellerrand and its Side Events during his stay in Berlin and published them on his YouTube channel. I want to point you to two videos he did around the setup of beyond tellerrand and at the event itself. Thanks a lot, Alex, for creating those videos.

Sebastian Greger also gave a short presentation at the Microsoft Warm-Up in Berlin. It was called “Designing away the cookie disclaimer” and he published a transcript and the slides of it. Thanks!

T-Shirts & Event-Theme

The finished piece on which Steffen was working two days, collecting quotes from the people at the event. Click for large version. Photo: Patrick Westerhoff.

Those of you who follow beyond tellerrand for a while know that I don’t have a standard theme for the events, that is the same each time. I like to ask someone to do the t-shirt and if it works out, to adapt this style to the rest of the event.

So this year, I thought, I ask Steffen Mumm aka Hoker One to do the event t-shirt. He was part of the Düsseldorf event in the exhibition doing a little mural during the last two years and I like the heads he does.

He sprayed two heads as well as the events name onto cardboard of which I have chosen one head plus a name and we created the shirt out of that. Furthermore we used the original artwork on stage, as the cardboards fitted the overall design quite well.

This time Steffen also did a 2x2 metre mural, collecting your thoughts and quotes and drawing/writing these over the two days of beyond tellerrand. If I remember right, Steffen wanted to write about his work for this event as well soon or at least add some stuff of it to his portfolio. As soon as he did, I will also include it into my post of course.

Opening Titles

Like with the t-shirts I always ask someone to create opening titles for beyond tellerrand, like titles for a movie that are shown first thing in the morning before the event kicks off and which mentions all speaker names.

This time Bernd Zeier, who also produced the opening titles for Düsseldorf 2016, created some illustrated titles once more. He did a great job in illustrating every speaker in a simple style animating their heads to morph from one to another. Instead of using a pre-made soundtrack, he worked with Tobi this time, who created music based on the pace of the illustration.

Well done and thanks a lot, Bernd and Tobi!

Music & Audio

Next to having done the sound for the opening titles, Tobi is responsible for the Sketchnotes in Music during the breaks at beyond tellerrand. He always creates a special song for the opening, when everybody enters the room as well. Sadly he does not have the time – and I am not the budget – to always publish this or other songs. This time, I am so lucky, that he published the opening song of Berlin 2017, titled Wild and Free Wonderful, that you are part of this journey, Tobi! And thanks for this track.

Tobi Lessnow aka Baldower released the title track of beyond tellerrand in Berlin.

Writing these lines with a big smile on my face. I was not able to publish the video of Joshua Davis talk yet, but Tobi aka Baldower created a song out of Josh's talk, hitting the nail, as I think, perfectly on the head and transporting the message of Josh’s talk. But see yourself and listen to “Weird Shit”.

Tobi Lessnow aka Baldower released the title track of beyond tellerrand in Berlin.

My next stop on the beyond tellerrand journey is MUNICH. I hope to see you there to kick off 2018 in a creative and fun way together.

Update 19 November 2017: added YouTube videos bei Alex Cio

Update 20 November 2017: added a blog post by Robert Katzki

Update 21 November 2017: added photos of Nils Riedemann

Update 22 November 2017: added a blog post by Sebastian Greger and another one by Timur Çelikel

Update 24 November 2017: added a blog post by David Tocino

Update 28 November 2017: added a blog post by Sebastian Greger about his lightning talk at the Warm-Up

Update 01 December 2017: added a blog post by Caro and Niklas and added Tobi's beyond tellerrand song for Berlin 2017

Update 05 December 2017: added all transcripts to published videos

Update 14 December 2017: added a new track by Tobi Lessnow