#axbt Hamburg, Germany 19 May 2022

If you have a look below you’ll find the locations and what happens where. The main event takes place in the legendary Mojo Club at the Reeperbahn and we are pretty sure it offers the right setting for a cozy and inspiring day.

Mojo Club (Event: Main Event)

Hamburg offers many wonderful locations to run event like this. When we entered the new Mojo Club for the first time, we knew it was the right one for the very first spin-off in Hamburg.

The original Mojo Club was founded back in 1998 and was best known for everything around Acid Jazz or Dancefloor Jazz. Bands like Massive Attack, Propellerheads or Kruder & Dorfmeister played gigs in the club and concerts and parties in the Mojo Club are in the memories of a lot of people. The original Mojo Club closed in 2003 and was demolished in 2009. In its place the two Tanzenden Türme and the new Mojo Club were built.

The cozy and welcoming atmosphere play well into the idea of how and where we’d like to run our events and we hope you are going to feel welcome during this first event in Hamburg.

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