#btconf Berlin, Germany 02 - 04 Nov 2015

Jay Fanelli & Nathan Peretic

Formerly responsible for creating the design agency Full Stop Interactive and the fake web union United Pixelworkers, Jay and Nate are now serving time at Cotton Bureau where they take whatever money you have laying around and turn it into t-shirts. When they’re not tweeting, blogging, and speaking, you can generally find them at the office arguing about, well, everything.

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Punctus Contra Punctum

If there’s one thing that the web industry loves to do, it’s pontificate. And if there’s one thing that Jay Fanelli and Nathan Peretic (co-founders of Full Stop, United Pixelworkers, and Cotton Bureau) love to do, it’s argue. Jay and Nate take opposite sides of some of our industry’s favorite debates and show you that there’s really no wrong way—or is it no right way?—to build a business on the internet.