#btconf Berlin, Germany 02 - 04 Nov 2015

Martina Flor

Martina Flor combines her talents as both a designer and an illustrator in the drawing of letters. She grew up in Buenos Aires and studied in Spain and the Netherlands. Based now in Berlin, she works with a focus on type, lettering and illustration for clients all over the world. She is also the founder of Letter Collections, co-founder of the project Lettering vs Calligraphy and the creator of the series of workshops Good Type. Her work has been featured in many publications and she teaches and lectures extensively.

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Telling good from bad

Lettering is everywhere! Social media has triggered this boom and has influenced the appearance of many who make a go of lettering professionally. But how to tell good from bad? In my keynote I put together several criteria that can help designers to identify and filter good quality lettering pieces from the stream of typographic pieces out there. The talk will give a broad overview over the art, including defining what is lettering and what is not, what is the difference with type design and will walk you through the working process of a lettering artist including analog and digital tools.