#btconf Berlin, Germany 02 - 04 Nov 2015

Scott Jenson

Scott Jenson has been doing user interface design and strategic planning for over 25 years. He worked at Apple on System 7, Newton, and the Apple Human Interface guidelines. He was the director of Symbian’s DesignLab, VP of product design for Cognima, a manager of mobile UX for Google for 5 years, and a creative director at frog design in San Francisco.

Scott returned to Google working on the Chrome team in November 2013 to work on the Physical Web.

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Building the Physical Web together

The promise of the Physical Web is take the simplicity of web links (that we often take for granted) and apply it to physical objects. What if we really could just walk up to any device and 'tap open' a web page? Not only would it make classic smart devices much easier to use but it would unlock entirely new use cases. There is a today where you attach a BLE device to your dog. If they ever get lost, you hope that the person who finds your dog will have this app installed. Nice idea, horrible execution. If anyone can walk up and virtually open any device, it will merge the physical and digital worlds. Not only will dog collars be reinvented but so will love notes. The promise of the Physical Web isn't in IoT, which is one starting point, but in the ability for anything to have a virtual note card.