#btconf Berlin, Germany 06 - 08 Nov 2017

Mozilla Developer Roadshow

Mozilla Developer Roadshow

We are delighted to present the Mozilla Developer Roadshow, as part of our Side Events on November 8 during the lunch break of beyond tellerrand. Join us for two hours with snacks, talks and networking.

Please notice, that this event taking place in the lunch break of beyond tellerrand in Berlin. That means, you need to have a valid conference ticket to attend!

Dates, times, location

Date: Wednesday, 8 November 2017
Time: 1pm - 2:45pm

Where: Admiralspalast in Berlin, Theater F101

Let's save the internet: How to make browsers compatible with the web

During the browser wars, compatibility was a mess and so was the web. Dirty hacks, a huge pile of frustration and enormous amount of time to test through every browser were a part of our everyday life. Times changed. Browser wars are finally over (right?!). But the web is still broken and browsers still work in different ways. In this talk, we’ll explore the reason for web (in)compatibility, how to fix it and how you as wompats can help to save the world (wide web).

About Ola Gasidlo

Ola is a Web Compatibility Engineer at Mozilla living in Berlin, who is very passionate about Open Source, the Offline First concept, web standards and empowering people. She loves making the web accessible for everyone, riding the trails, and daughter-driven development.

Mark 57 – The new Firefox

Firefox 57, to be launched in November this year, will bring a new UI, new features, and numerous performance improvements. The talk will present the visible changes and explain what has been done behind the hood, and why we should be excited about the coming of a new generation of browser engines.

About Jean-Yves Perrier

Based in London, Jean-Yves works for Mozilla. He created his first Web site in 1995, then started to document and advocate Web technologies in 2010, first as a technical writer, then as the MDN Content Lead. He is now a Senior Program Manager, doing developer outreach.

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