“Explore” with Cabeza Patata and dina Amin

Are you ready for a big dose of positivity? I bet you are! The people joining me today are exactly what you need then. Not only is their work always full of energy and positivity, but also they themselves – as far as I know them – are always sending out positive vibes and messages. So, grab a drink of your choice, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for Katie Menzies, Abel Reverter and dina Amin!

Mix & Match

Cabeza Patata always have been and are working with many different materials and techniques. That has been important ever since they started their studio. For Katie and Abel it is important to work at the intersection of crafts and technology and they love to explore and discover how these two apparently opposite methods actually complement and influence one another.

About Cabeza Patata

Cabeza Patata

Cabeza Patata is a multidisciplinary studio specialising in character design. It was created by Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter in 2018 and has a focus on diversity and female empowerment within a world of playful characters, full of energy and positivity.

They have worked for tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Spotify, and have done editorial illustration for The New York Times, The New Yorker, El País and Icon Design.


Ever been fed up with chasing your job title? Just to have a specific title on your business card? That then does not describe what you really do in the end anyways – I mean how could it, with only a few words?

dina felt like this as well. She stopped chasing one job title and this has led her to new possibilities and exciting new things. It also taught her how she likes to work and to explore the many opportunities and possibilities that surround her.

About dina Amin

dina Amin

dina Amin is a designer from Cairo, Egypt. She completed her B.A. (Hons) in Industrial Design in Malaysia. Although trained as a Product Designer, dina loves to explore the intersections between various disciplines.

In 2016, dina started a side project called “Tinker Friday” on Instagram, where she combined her passion for product design and stop motion with her views on consumerism. In this stop motion series, dina shows people what's inside the countless things they throw away, in unusual ways. dina continues to tinker, making new items out of old ones, constantly telling stories and showing people things in a completely different way.

After discovering her love for stop motion, dina also founded “Tinker Studio”, where she produces stop motion videos for diverse clients and companies around the world.

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