Excitement for Düsseldorf 2017 grows

We're already two months down into 2017. It seems beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2017 is still a long time to go. But it's actually not. It's ony 96 days from today and if you attend the IndieWebCamp it's even only 94 days. From the workload I can certainly confirm, that we get closer. Many things have to be ordered, stuff to be designed and still a few people (partners, volunteers and speakers) have to confirm 100% that they are part of it.

For me this is one of the moments, where I want to start doing 100 things parallel. The feeling that time runs so – too – quick, is making me nervous. Hundreds of emails every day. Hotel, flights, topics, support for people who want to get a ticket and have a question and more – not to forget those, who have a questions for one of the past events, like missing an invoice and need it to be sent again. Don't get me wrong, I love all this and the idea of getting this done all just by one person. It's just sometimes, that I am so overwhelmed by all those things.

The good side, however, is: the excitment grows equally to the amount of tasks that have to been done. I'm really looking forward a lot to welcome each and everyone to the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf again for the 7th beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. I think the line-up looks amazing, even though you can't see all of it yet.

The workshops also promise a lot of fun. Yuko, who will show you how to draw (again) for example. Yuko is wonderful and I love her work. I hope I can also catch a bit of this workshop on the Sunday before the conference. You definitely should. Even if you usually are not drawing. Then we have got two workshop with “data visualisation” in their title – but don't think it is similar content. Sarah's workshop, called From Animations to Data Visualisation, is circling more around SVG as main topic, whereas the workshop of Nadieh Bremer is focusing on data visualisation really. When asking Nadieh, if her workshop might overlap with Sarah's, she answered …

[…] coming up with designs and understanding the full data visualisation process, from gathering data, making sketches and then a bit about getting it into a tool. Creating engaging and effective data visualisation that go beyond the line and bar chart. I do not plan on talking about SVGs at all (although her workshop sounds really interesting ^^)

I am certainly sneaking into both of the workshops to catch bits of them. They both take place on Wednesday 17th. Which means it even would be possible to do Yuko's and one of the two others ;)

But enough. I just though, I have to share my excitement, as only about 75 tickets are left, while I am writing this. While I was writing on the upcoming tellerrand newsletter, I felt like doing this. Now back to writing it.

As usual I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Write me an email or catch me on Twitter.

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