#btconf Berlin, Germany 03 - 05 Nov 2014

Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks is a Graphic Designer based in Oxfordshire, UK. He runs HICKS with his wife Leigh and is most widely known for his work on the Firefox, Mailchimp logos, as well as recent icon projects for Spotify and Skype. He also quite literally wrote the book on Icons: “The Icon Handbook” for Five Simple Steps Publishing.

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The Icon Design Process

Icons are more than just pretty decorative graphics for sites and applications, they are little miracle workers. They summarize and explain actions, provide direction, offer feedback and even break through language barriers. Whether you design icons yourself or just need to be able to work with them, this session will take you through the whole process of designing and deploying resolution independent icons—from the initial brief, to choosing format or method to deploy them. On the way it will cover choosing the right metaphor, achieving visual balance, and using techniques such as icon fonts and SVG for scalable and lightweight distribution.