#btconf Berlin, Germany 11 - 12 Sep 2023

Joel Gethin Lewis

Joel is a consultant, lecturer and artist. He loves designing constraints and curating context for projects as well as being a catalyst for learning for both students and clients, helping them to build capacity and enabling them to pass on their knowledge to others. Joel particularly loves thinking about new uses of technology as part of a group and then helping to make those uses happen.

In learning he’s interested in connectivism, threshold concepts, open source and being anti-obfuscatory, or against the obscuring of communication.

Ever since Joel saw the Wizard of Oz he’s been interested in the mechanisms or systems that enable stories to be told or society to function. He’s interested in making work that allows for real-time interaction between people, places, stories and objects through the use of technology.

Currently Joel is researching solar-powered computing, the history of weaving and global scale augmented reality sculpture.


With over 20 years of experience blending craft, design and technology to make new media, in this talk Joel will share some of the things that he's noticed along the way, including the power of kindness, what finding a practice means, the use of meditation and his journey from working for others, to making a studio, to teaching.