#btconf Berlin, Germany 11 - 12 Sep 2023

Niels Kiené

Salventius is a Dutch artist studied film at art school but found himself loads of other ways to express himself with stories he wants to tell.

“Art is a beautiful communication channel, it is not like the news. It has the same mass communication intensity, but with a huge difference. Art is only communicating when it hits you. It is not pretending to be the truth, in every inch it has the quality of being a thought, feeling or expression and insight of its maker.”

When he concluded his photography project ‘Portrait Of Landscapes’ in 2012, he became a father of two. This significant event not only introduced new life into his world but also ignited an inner quest. In that very year, without fully realising it, he took of on a pursuit to uncover the essence of creating in the moment.

“I see the moment as a lost art. Through my work, I aim to explore and immerse myself more in the present moment. By sharing this experience, I hope that the insights gained will resonate with others, fostering an appreciation for the moment, the ‘nowness’, even more.”

The Moment As A Lost Art

Our hours are scheduled,
Our days are planned,
Our adventures turned to likes,
Our selfies are filtered,
Our memories saved in gigabytes,
instead of sentiment.

Being dedicated, we forget to enjoy and appreciate the Now. With his work, Niels Kiené wants to become aware again of this precious, valuable, and spontaneous time frame.

This motivated him to become a full time artist. Always searching for ways to escape the standards and to get himself more in the moment.

In this presentation, he wants to share 7 of these moments that were, without knowing, important learnings for him as an artist and also as a person.