#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 08 - 09 Nov 2021

Júlia Racskó

Júlia Racskó is a product designer and illustrator. She combines analytical and artistic thinking to get to the core of how our digital media environment became so exhausting, and how to design a nourishing one that is based on a holistic understanding of attention as a connection.

After living in Budapest, Milan and Geneva, she is currently a product designer at Steady Media in Berlin.

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Attentive Design – Moving from an Exhausting to a Nourishing Digital Media Environment

If we stopped tracking our attention as time spent, and started treating it as a living connection between us and the outside world, could we create a mentally sustainable digital media environment?

Do we measure how much we enjoyed going to the beach by the minutes spent in water? No? Then why do we keep using time spent as a success metric to track attention online? The evidence is there: optimising for advertisers and maximising the duration of information consumption damages our mental and emotional well-being.

How else could we keep the world wide web running, so it won’t exhaust our cognitive capacities? How could we steer it in a direction that will energise and nourish us? This talk looks at solutions at different scales and timelines and closes with a speculative, visual model to observe, record and show the aspects of our attentional capacities that truly matter. Using it hopefully will bring more flow into all of our lives, and inspire new, emotionally sustainable ideas for our media environment.