#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 09 - 11 Dec 2013

Jared Ficklin

Jared is a frog fellow. He believes experience is key to design and has spent more than a decade finding value for the user in innovative technology and bringing solutions to large organizations. Every March in Austin he directs the SXSW Interactive opening party which is a large scale social experiment with a focus on technology in social settings featuring lots large scale interactive installations. He spoke at TED. He is maker. He is the co-director of Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee. He was once a cowboy in 1867.

Think by Making – The impact of DIY on Design & the launch of the other singularity

The DIY attitudes of the punk rock '70s have become the make movement of this century. Adhocracies are rising and having a real impact on the world of professional capital D design and bell curve products. This talk will focus on how this movement is impacting clients and how they are changing the way we at frog work. We will explore the credo Think by Making, Deliver by Demo. Then we will examine the other singularity... something that became the subject of last year's SXSW Interactive opening party. The discussion will be energetic & example driven both recorded & live from professional work & the crazy good installations of SXSW. At frog I call myself a Design Technologist, hopefully one leaves with a re-enforced sense that we live in a great time for technology led design & some lateral thoughts on how to approach creating products during this space in time where technology & philosophy are combining to create a genuine sea change.