#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 09 - 11 Dec 2013

Rodney Rehm

Rod is a full stack web developer, enjoying to create tools that not just work, but work well. While having worked on the web for a decade, it's only been last year that he started sharing his ideas publicly. With utilities like URI.js and jQuery contextMenu and articles like Designing Better JavaScript APIs he's trying to make the web a better place – for himself, because he is a selfish bastard :)

The Internet Of Things

We're entering a new age of connectivity. Everyday objects like doors, light bulbs, ovens and cars form networks to talk to each other. They control other things. They're controlled by other things. But most importantly they're still operated by humans.

This talk covers emerging technologies, how things communicate and the user experience implications we're facing. We're discussing everything from theory to custom hardware tinkering to consumer-ready products. We're talking about the implications connected devices have on the Internet. We're touching on the everyday experiences we have with the things around us.

Sebastian Golasch and Rodney Rehm will be showing excerpts of what they've done in the browser to make home automation accessible to developers and users.