#btconf Cologne, Germany 24 - 27 Apr 2012

Frank Reitberger

Frank, in the beginning spent his time developing classic offline games in diverse programmer-units at Greenwood Entertainment, before he began using Flash back in 1997. Then delighted by the possibilities of this technology, he developed several applications, gadgets, games and websites for Citroen, Renault, Joop, Loreal, Lufthansa and Microsoft among other things.

These days Frank is Head of Flash Development at anyMotion Graphics . He also writes Flash and Actionscript related articles and interviews for Create or die and develops Shaders, that are now part of Adobe´s Pixel Bender Photoshop Add-On.

Most of his time Frank is preferably sitting in front of his PC, developing all those little effects, snippets and generative things with Flash.


Look mom, we got GPU now! Yes, baby… burn it!

So ‘Illogical’ is a continuation of Frank´s work & obsession with developing shaders. Meaning coding animated organic, fluid, liquid or deformed looking procedural driven visual systems based on using Pixel Bender, Alchemy, Molehill & WebGL running in realtime.

In this session Frank will dig into the world of advanced shader programming, showing lots of tips & tricks, performance optimizations and how to get things work that aren´t intented to work with the FlashPlayer

Beyond that Frank will show how to write effects one time and afterwards aiming several outputs like GLSL (WebGL) or upload to Molehill (FlashPlayer).

From Alchemy to Pixel Bender and back to Flash: Frank has packed together his latest Flash- and WebGL experiments & lots of new demos for this journey.