#btconf Cologne, Germany 24 - 27 Apr 2012

Wes Grubbs

Wesley Grubbs focuses on connecting data to the lives and events from which it is derived to help inform and inspire engaging minds. He is the founder of Pitch Interactive, a studio that builds data visualizations for an array of small- to large-scale interactive and print projects that are as fluid and artistic as they are statistically sound. His work has been showcased by WIRED, Fortune, Esquire, GEO, Scientific American, the Max Planck Institute and the MoMA in New York.

Generative Cognition and Data

“The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple” - Oscar Wilde

Our comprehension and understanding of our surroundings and new information result from amazing processes within our brains. While Wes is far from a neural scientist, he will explain some of the inner workings of the human mind and how we can use this to visualize information, build user interfaces, explore and question everything in order to make sense of the perceived realities. While this path is anything but simple, Wes will provide creative- and technically-oriented minds with a machete of thought to hack through the complex jungle of story telling with data.