#btconf Cologne, Germany 24 - 27 Apr 2012


Stray is obsessed with your programming process from the neurones up. She writes for Head First, is a core contributor to Robotlegs and runs the try{harder} collaborative learning events.

Stray is interested in intelligence and learning in humans and computers. So when she isn't coding something that can think, she's thinking about how we think about coding.

And specifically what the nature of your brain means for open-source projects like Robotlegs that help geeks collectively fix the world.

Talking and Walking: Robotlegs 2 and fluent code strategies

There are less than 100 reserved words in AS3, leaving a typical native-English speaking programmer 16,900 words to play with.

When we code, we create a dialogue between the problem space and the developer working with the code. This session explores techniques for making that dialogue an enjoyable, effective conversation, including DSLs, fluent APIs and descriptive factories.

We'll see how fluent programming is achieved using Robotlegs 2 in AS3, but this session is relevant to programmers in all languages.