#btconf Cologne, Germany 24 - 27 Apr 2012

Tom Beddard

Tom Beddard originally trained as a laser physicist but for the past 11 years has worked as a web application developer at a variety of creative agencies across Scotland. For the last few years his site subblue.com has provided a creative outlet for his interest in generative and mathematical graphics. Some of this output has been featured at a variety of film festivals around the world and in a number of books and magazines. In the summer of 2011, Tom started his own company, Hyper Digital, to focus full-time on creative coding. He is now working on a few web and iOS app projects currently in stealth mode.

Exploring the Infinite!

Fractal images are some of the most beautiful, complex and surprising results of very simple mathematical formula. In a highly visual talk we will fly into this infinite space and bring it bang up to date. We will look at the recent advances in creative 3D fractal generation and how new web technologies allow interactive exploration of this visually rich universe from within your browser.