#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 19 - 21 Nov 2012

Andre Jay Meissner

Jay is a tech nerd for a lifetime and frequently rocks bottom being a passionate (tec) diving enthusiast. He developed various stuff from serious enterprise middleware over full scale SaaS weblications to online games, utilizing a bunch of technologies ranging from HTML/JS/CSS over PHP to native C. Before starting his own 30 people software company he used to work as a soundengineer and freelancer in the graphics industry. Jay is currently working as a DevRel/BDM at Adobe Systems, focusing on Web and Mobile technology. He maintains a list of Open Device Labs around the globe. Jay also just recently founded a project to help establish Open Device Labs: LabUp!

Tamagotchi Galore

Browser fragmentation SUCKS. So does debugging and optimizing for the heavily fragmented web on mobile. Jay is going to cover a number of approaches to check consistency and performance of code in production across multiple mobile operating systems and browser engines. We'll nail down the best approach to interpret analytics targeting the right farm of test devices - and how to acquire them for free! - as well as the right tools and tests for your job. At the end of the session you'll either walk away with an ideal starting point, important additions to your existing QA workflow - or as part of the glorious few that knew it all and shared their genius with others.