#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 19 - 21 Nov 2012

Nadine Chahine

Nadine Chahine is an award winning Lebanese type designer working as the Arabic specialist for Linotype and Monotype Imaging. She is motivated by her love of her native Beirut, as well as a desire to improve Arabic literacy and typographic design. Through her PhD research, she undertook Arabic legibility studies with an eye to improving literacy in the Arabic world. As a capstone to her string of recent successes, in May 2012 Nadine was named as one of Fast Company Magazine’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. Her typefaces include Frutiger Arabic, Neue Helvetica Arabic, and Koufiya.

Eye Movement and Typeface Legibility

This presentation takes a look at the mechanics of eye movement in reading, the different factors that can affect reading, and tackles the question of eye movement control, which is in essence the question of where and when to move the eyes. It also investigates the effects of the visual characteristics of text on reading, and offers a new definition of legibility that is rooted in the research of eye movement in reading.