#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 19 - 21 Nov 2012

Ben Bodien

Ben Bodien is Co-Founder of Neutron Creations and a front-end development specialist, and sometimes dabbler in interface design (when there are no grown-ups around to stop him). His employers and clients have ranged from video game companies to hedge funds and from bedroom startups to publicly listed multinationals.

When not attached to a computational device, he is a cultural explorer, eater/creator of delicious foods, jazz piano student and appreciator/collector of things that have been put together with love and skill.

Branching Out

It's all too easy to slip into an overly focused, tunnel visioned career and definition of your professional self, specialising in one and only one field. Falling into this trap not only limits your ability to fulfil your complete potential, but it also shuts you off from a higher-level view of your core speciality. This session will deliver a delectable platter of tips for working more efficiently, broadening your abilities and thinking more carefully about how you define yourself.