#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 19 - 21 Nov 2012

Bruce Lawson

Bruce evanglises open web standards for Opera, the European browser.

He co-wrote Introducing HTML5, the first book on HTML5 with Remy Sharp, was on the W3C Mobile Web App Best Practices Working Group and participated in the development of BS8878, the British Standard for commissioning accessible websites. He’s been front-​​​​end technical lead for the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority web sites, tutor to a princess’ daughter in Thailand, a movie extra in Bombay, and a tarot card reader in Istanbul. He blogs at brucelawson​.co​.uk, drinks Guinness and is STILL training for a blue belt in kickboxing.

Web Standards for cross-device design: what next?

Since Facebook announced that betting on HTML5 was its "biggest mistake", the "native vs web apps" debate has reignited with greater heat, but very little new light. In this session, Bruce will look at what's coming up in web standards that will bring greater capabilities to web apps that work across mobiles, desktop, TV - things like webRTC, CSS Flexbox, new CSS Units, CSS Device Adaptations and a peek at what's being discussed for Media Queries level 4.