#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 09 - 11 May 2016

Michael Chang

Michael Chang (Flux) is a San Francisco based creative coder.
Currently he works with the Data Arts Team at Google and make Chrome Experiments alongside some very talented creative coders.

Concurrently he is the lead developer and co-manager of Puny Human, an indie game studio. He created the game Blade Symphony which is now in development by Puny Human.

Michael Chang graduated from UCLA Design Media Arts.

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Beyond the web, people are discovering strange and exciting uses of Javascript.

In 2015 Nako Sung of NCSoft created a plugin called Unreal.js which allows Javascript to be run inside a high performance game engine for rapid prototyping.

In this presentation, Michael chronicles his journey building a game in WebGL which led to using Javascript to interface with Unreal Engine, and offer ideas on taking your front-end development skills to unexpected places.