#btconf Düsseldorf, Germany 02 - 03 May 2022

Stephanie Eckles

Stephanie Eckles is a front-end-focused SWE at Microsoft. She's also the author of ModernCSS.dev which provides modern solutions to old CSS problems as in-depth tutorials, and is the creator of StyleStage.dev, and author of SmolCSS.dev and 11ty.Rocks. Steph has well over a decade of webdev experience that she enjoys sharing as an author, egghead instructor, and conference speaker. She's an advocate for accessibility, scalable CSS, and the Jamstack (especially Eleventy). Offline, she's mom to two girls and a cowboy corgi, and enjoys baking.

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Scaling CSS Layout Beyond Pixels

Responsive designs being created today have to serve more users on more devices and with more varied abilities and preferences than ever before. And size and spacing of elements can quite literally make or break your layout. In this new world, strict pixel values are so Web 2.0. Let’s review modern CSS techniques for building future-forward flexibility into our layouts and components.

(Addition: (link: https://moderncss.dev/contextual-spacing-for-intrinsic-web-design/ text: read the companion article to this talk here))