#btconf Berlin, Germany 05 - 08 Nov 2018

Cécile Dormeau

Cécile Dormeau is a french illustrator. She worked in two graphic design agencies in Hamburg and Berlin and continued her German adventure working as a junior art director in Ogilvy Frankfurt before starting her illustrator career. She has produced work for Google, The Sunday Times, Wetransfer, Der Spiegel Wissen, GQ, and has had articles and features in Ignant, Bored Panda, The Huffington Post, It's Nice That, and many more. Her illustrations and gif explore the themes of self-acceptance and body image.

How to represent people as they are

Cécile is going to speak about her reasons to create her series of girls, just the way they are – with their “imperfections” and why everybody should speak more about negative emotions.

Cécile's video of her talk in Berlin is password protected and only available for attendees of Berlin's fifth edition.