#btconf Berlin, Germany 05 - 08 Nov 2018

Marcin Wichary

Marcin Wichary is a designer, writer, and typographer. He worked at Medium, Google, and Code for America. Currently he’s working at Figma and typing in a book about the history of typing, on one of the many keyboards he owns. He cares a lot about storytelling, the meaning of details, and things we can learn from technology’s and design’s past.

The Abridged History Of Having Fun \/\/ith Keyboards

Join Marcin on a tour of 150 years of people treating QWERTY keyboards not as data entry devices or literary partners, but as… instruments of creative expression. We’ll solve a typewriter mystery, learn basics of artyping, chat with Eliza and her (its?) friends, figure out the difference between ANSI, ASCII, and PETSCII art, meet the extended family of the Emoji Sheriff – and see what can we learn about ourselves and our relationship with machines in the process.


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