#btconf Berlin, Germany 05 - 08 Nov 2018

Accessibility Club Conference

Accessibility Club Conference

While the necessity and benefits of accessible services on the web are pretty obvious, web accessibility is still not a widespread practice. Common reasonsings range from putative additional efforts, tight budgets to the misbelief that «validity equals accessibilty». In many cases, however, it seems that the majority of developers simply has no clue where to start — which comes as no surprise as most of them have never gotten their hands on assistive technology.

The Accessibility Club wants to give you the chance to get some real-world experience with assistive technology, deepen your knowledge about web accessibilty and get you in touch with like-minded webworkers. The goal is to enable you to make accessibility a natural part of your daily work and mindset.


In 2016 Joschi Kuphal and Stefan Judis initiated the first Berlin edition of the a11y club in Berlin. Now – and since then – every Berlin edition of beyond tellerrand, had an a11y club as part of the whole experience. Accessibility is always a very important and exciting topic at beyond tellerrand and therefore I am absolutely happy and delighted, that Joschi and Stefan decided to run their first conference edition of this format in Berlin as part of the Side Events.


Four excellent speakers, of which one also is part of beyond tellerrand, will guide you through the day. These four people are Leonie Watson, Charlie Owen, Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen and Alistair Duggin. Find more information about the speakers at the event site.

Get Involved!

But that is not all. The Accessibility Club Conference encourages you to get involved. They started a Call for Papers to receive your proposal for a 15–20 minute presentation. No matter if pro or new to the topic, you have the chance to be part until July 15th. Send your proposal now, if you are interested – the selection process is meant to be completely anonymous.

More …

Again: more and the complete information at the Accessibility Club website

Dates, times, location

Date: 5 November 2017
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Where? Spreespeicher (Room: 030 Eventloft), Stralauer Allee 2, 10245 Berlin

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