#btconf Berlin, Germany 01 - 02 Sep 2022

Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox works across the worlds of art, design, craft and technology to create thought-provoking objects that inspire, surprise and delight. His diverse work includes watch sculptures, GPS shoes and a stained glass car of the future recently shown at London’s Science Museum. He is also on a mission to inspire children to become the creative thinkers of the future with his Little Inventors organisation that turns children’s ideas into reality. Designer Thomas Heatherwick described Dominic’s work as ‘serious challenges to the real world to keep looking at itself with innocent eyes, wondering what else is possible’.

The Reinvention of Normal

Join me on a high speed, roller coaster ride into the world of imagination and my lifetime attempts to transform the dull and mundane things around me into surprising, thought provoking or amusing creations. Where do ideas come from? How can I be more creative? My presentation aims to inspire your creative mind and get your ideas popping. bouncing and moon walking.
Come see my glass car, GPS Shoes and The Lost and Found Office of Oddities! I'll also introduce you to my creativity organisation Little Inventors where we challenge children to draw their invention ideas then ask skilled makers to bring them to life for inspiring exhibitions.